The road to becoming a Well-Managed Practice:
Join a WellMP Management Group


What are WellMP® Management Groups?

WellMP is short for Well-Managed Practice®, which is exactly what your practice can be with a little help from your peers.

The WellMP Management Groups are creative, collaborative groups consisting of owners of successful, high-quality veterinary practices who place a discernible value on commitment, accountability, trust, and respect (and a good dose of humor from time to time!). These owners are growth-oriented and desire professional and personal success. They learn from each other, support each other, and share secrets to success with each other.

How do the WellMP Management Groups work?

Each WellMP Management Group consists of about 20 members, including practice owners, practice managers, and associates. The groups meet twice per year to discuss accomplishments and challenges, fees and other pertinent operational information, compensation and benefits, expense management, transition planning, and new opportunities. The members take turns hosting the meetings, or the groups can decide to hold their meetings at destination locations.

There are groups specific to companion-animal or mixed-animal practices.

The benefits of joining a WellMP Management Group

As a member of a WellMP Management Group, you’ll enjoy:

  • Peer-to-peer collaboration with the owners of premier veterinary practices
  • The opportunity to transform your veterinary practice
  • Reaching peak performance, maximum practice values, and a healthy work-life balance
  • Fine-tuning your veterinary practice management, personnel management, communication skills, marketing, associate and partner agreements, budget development, and much more
  • Developing lifelong friendships and relationships with your fellow group members

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