Telehealth 2021: The Future is Here

Brenda Tassava Medina of VetSupport and Denise Tumblin of WTA Veterinary Consultants, have teamed up again to create the second of their new format, which brings timelier benchmarks to you every 6 months, Telehealth: 2021 – The Future is Here.

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Our goal with this publication was to gauge Well-Managed Practice engagement with Telehealth, as well as to provide insight into how these practices are using Telehealth and pass along those insights in the form of “best practices”. This study explores the addition of Telehealth as a formal, scheduled service for which practices are compensated. Many of the resources found within this publication are geared towards utilizing Telehealth to its fullest extent, whether as a paid stand alone service or as part of the overall client experience during curbside service.

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Telehealth 2021 + Revenue 2020
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