WTA Veterinary Consultants Partners with 3 Industry Leaders for WMPB study

Just as WellMP continually seek ways to refine and improve, so do we.  With an eye to adding even more value to the profession and with innovation in mind, we are thrilled to announce three new, crucial partnerships for the WMPB study.  From this year forward, WTA Veterinary Consultants is partnering with:

1.  VetSuccess®: Led by CEO Martin Traub-Werner, VetSuccess is a leader in understanding practice data.  They’re also technology wizards and build simple tools to streamline data for use by veterinary practices.

2. VetSupport®:  Founded by Brenda Tassava, VetSupport puts data and theory into action.  She and her team of talented CVPMs work hard to improve veterinary practices.

3. Brief Media and Clinician’s Brief:  Led by Beth Green, this team truly lives and breathes the WTA mantra – Better Management is Better Medicine® – and promises to shine a bright spotlight on the content of WMPB.

Martin, Brenda, Beth and Denise, along with our respective teams, share a fundamental set of beliefs.  Chief among these is the confidence that the WellMP Club is one that every practice can belong to.

We know that the WellMP definition is a lot to remember. We also know that people think, hear and remember in pictures. So, with the next generation WMPB, we’ve transformed the WellMP criteria into the 4 Pillars of a WellMP – Patients First, People and Culture, Marketing and the Client Experience, and Financial Health.

pawprint with blue background
people icon in blue background
five stars in orange background
Pillars in red