NoodleU 2020

An event “Udon” want to miss!


I’m excited to present three sessions on Sunday, May 17 alongside some of the best practice management speakers in the world!

I’ll be giving lectures focused around helping practices get back on their feet post-pandemic. Topics include:

  • Trending Now – Hot Tips to Reduce Inventory Costs
  • Growing Revenue to Support Recovery and Return to Pre-Pandemic Profitability
  • The Latest Trends in Team Compensation and Benefits

Join in for the live stream and check out the whole lineup of awesome lectures, keynote speakers, comedy sessions, exercise breaks, and even Suze Orman’s must-have documents kit (worth $2500!). RACE and CVPM approved. This is pasta-bly the best veterinary conference out there– since you can view it from your couch!

You can also save 10% off your registration with my code TUMBLIN.

Very informative and eye opening as to how much work I have to do to learn the management side of the business.

Always a wonderful educational experience from a dynamic presenter.

Great data, excellent challenges posed – this class has brought focus on the issue of staff buy-in.

Great info on how to determine the amount of money needed to retire in the manner in which you would like to live.

Look forward to attending her lectures in the future! Learned so much valuable information and can’t wait to share with my PO.