Fees 2021: The Culture of Communicating Value

People drive the financial health of any veterinary practice. Your people make recommendations and present pet owners with treatment plans that have fees attached to them. People who own pets accept or decline these recommendations. Their compliance and acceptance of your fees drives revenue. How fees are determined, and then how they are communicated greatly determines whether or not compliance happens. Well-Managed Practices create cultures where value is the focus, and teams learn to communicate fees based on value, which improves overall compliance rates. This issue of WMPB includes the latest fee data in the profession, along with tools to create a culture that communicates value in your practice.

Telehealth 2021: The Future is Here

The COVID-19 pandemic created many problems for businesses worldwide, and the veterinary profession is no exception. One year after the World Health Organization formally announced the global pandemic, veterinary practices continue to face unexpected issues month after month. Our profession has long been known for its resiliency, and this past year has been no exception.

One viable tool waiting in the wings to assist practices is known as Telehealth. Telehealth is often thought of as the addition of video technology to use 2-way communication in order to consult with clients outside the walls of the practice, while being compensated for the video consultation. In fact, Telehealth is much more and encompasses phone calls, emails, and text communications, which you’ve probably been using for years with your clients to varying degrees.

Our goal with this publication was to gauge Well-Managed Practice engagement with Telehealth, as well as to provide insight into how these practices are using Telehealth and pass along those insights in the form of “best practices”. This study explores the addition of Telehealth as a formal, scheduled service for which practices are compensated. Many of the resources found within this publication are geared towards utilizing Telehealth to its fullest extent, whether as a paid stand alone service or as part of the overall client experience during curbside service.

Revenue 2020: Driven by the Client Experience

WMPB is bringing data and benchmarks to you in timely, focused publications beginning with WMPB Revenue 2020! Rather than waiting every other year for the full Well-Managed Practice Benchmarks, you can now get data, broken down by category every six months. The first publication in this format focuses on Revenue Driven by the Client Experience. Get the latest information about revenue in the veterinary profession, along with articles and tools for optimizing your practice’s revenue from industry experts Dr. Mary Gardner, Dr. Stacee Santi, Eric Garcia, Debbie Hill, Carol Hurst, and more!

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