Benchmarks 2017:
A Study of Well-Managed Practices®

For the last three decades, we’ve been gleaning insights from 100 of the absolute best practices in the U.S. to understand how they came to be at the forefront of the veterinary industry. Every year, we take what we have learned and publish our findings in the Well-Managed Practice® Benchmarks Study (WMPB®).

This study operates with three goals in mind: to offer our clients our full support while they endeavor to grow their practice, become Well-Managed, enhance customer experiences, and improve patient care; to offer insights, guidelines, recommendations, and tools to assist the veterinary field at large; and last, to contribute benchmarks and insights from WellMP ®, rather than the national or regional benchmarks practices throughout the U.S. generate. For our WMPB 2017 study, we focus on finances—from practice revenue, to compensation of associate veterinarians, to overall expenses.

I get a ton of value from the Benchmarks Study.  I'm always curious to see how my numbers stack up against the best of the best. And there's always some useful bits of information - something that somebody else is doing a little better than I am - that I can put to use in my own practice.

Dr. Darren Williams Mayde Creek Animal Health Center, Katy, TX August 11, 2017

What’s Inside:

Chapter 1: Fees – Driven by Value of the Experience

  • Includes survey results for more than 200 service fees
  • Explores how WellMP value their services and their approach to setting fees
  • Compare your fees using the pricing worksheet provided
  • Why loyalty programs work and discounting doesn’t

Chapter 2: Revenue – Practice Health, Driven by Compliance

  • Compare your practice revenue performance to WellMP Strategies to grow revenue with preventive care
  • Tips to nurture your on-line presence
  • Boost patient care and profit with forward booking

Chapter 3: Expenses – Minding What You Spend

  • Compare your expense management performance to WellMP
  • How on-line pharmacies improve profit
  • Latest trends in staff compensation and benefits
  • Case Study: How to afford a $3 an hour increase for team members

Chapter 4: Focus Topic – Associate DVMS

  • Crucial insights from practice owners and associate veterinarians to find and retain doctors
  • Latest trends in doctor compensation and benefits
  • What is most important to associate doctors? Owners and associates weigh in
  • The 6 factors of a successful mentorship program

What’s new for WMPB 2017

Find out more about what has changed, and what differentiates WMPB from others in the veterinary profession.  Get your copy of the 2017 Benchmarks today.

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