Benchmarks 2016:
A Study of Well-Managed Practices

This study of Well-Managed Practices® takes a look at the best of the best when it comes to veterinary hospitals. It’s different from across-the-board industry averages. The idea is that by exploring how these top-notch performers practice high-quality medicine, energize team members, and generate profits, you’ll be able to emulate their success.

In 30 years of studying strong practices to learn how they succeed, WTA Veterinary Consultants shares the results, coupled with management recommendations and tools to help strengthen practices across the country. In 2016, we focused on how practices drive revenue, lead and manage teams, use technology, and plan for the eventual sale of the hospital.

None of us practice in a vacuum!  The WMP Benchmarks study give me insight into where practice trends are  going in the rest of the country.  I find it an indispensable tool in practice decision making.

Dr. Jonathan Durocher, Durocher Veterinary Clinic, Thibadoux, LA August 11, 2017

What’s Inside:

Chapter 1: Revenue – Make Marketing and Sales Work for You

  • Improving a practice’s business performance and ROI
  • The impact of implementing patient-calming and patient-friendly techniques
  • Tips for staying engaged with clients and improving first impressions
  • Marketing: Today’s must-dos!
  • Creating a sales culture in your practice

Chapter 2: Leadership – Inspire While You Manage

  • Leadership versus management activities
  • Steps to a high-performing team
  • The biggest staff development challenges and what to do about them
  • Common values and consistent behaviors
  • How teams evolve

Chapter 3: “Tech”nique – Boost ROI with Your Tech Toolbox

  • Using technology to boost efficiency and productivity
  • Mapping your technology strategy and developing your technology goals
  • The latest on website WOWs
  • Inventory your marketing and technology tools and use what you pay for
  • The latest on SEO

Chapter 4: Transition Planning:  You, Your Practice and Your Buyer

  • Five crucial questions to plan a terrific transition
  • Cultivating an exit plan that fits your needs
  • Hey, future owners: What you need to know before becoming a practice owner
  • The Business Mentorship program that works
  • Contract, law, and tax pitfalls to avoid in a practice sale

Is YOUR Veterinary Practice Meeting the Benchmarks?

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