Benchmarks 2015:
A study of Well-Managed Veterinary Practices

Why are some veterinary practices more innovative and profitable than others? Why do some inspire greater loyalty from clients and employees? In the latest Benchmarks Study, we uncover the why, how, and what Well-Managed Practices® do to reach their goals.

For Benchmarks 2015: A Study of Well-Managed Practices, we surveyed more than 200 median fees for services and procedures veterinary hospitals perform every day. We’ve included compensation and benefits veterinary practice benchmarks; fixed, variable, and facility expense figures; and management recommendations and tools to help you reach greater heights of success.

What’s inside

Chapter 1: Fees — Price Your Services Right

  • Comparing your value-based fees
  • Conducting a community survey
  • Community survey for a Well-Managed Practice
  • Monthly paid preventive care plans

Chapter 2: Revenue — Rejuvenate Your Growth Centers

  • Revenue metrics: How the puzzle pieces fit
  • There’s a hole in my practice: Analyzing patient numbers
  • Growing revenue with feline services
  • Lessons from a year of wellness plans
  • Good nutrition is good medicine
  • Behavior consultations

Chapter 3: Expenses — Be More Efficient

  • Veterinary practice SWOT Analysis
  • Four work personality types: How to talk to them
  • The LEAN Roadmap
  • Employee SWOT Analysis in a Well-Managed Practice
  • How to get to 16 percent ROI

Chapter 4: Strategic Planning — Your Blueprint for Success

  • Organizational charts
  • A guide to managing a successful veterinary practice
  • How to own a practice without giving up your life
  • Three doctors’ visions of work/life integration
  • Business mentorship in a Well-Managed Practice
  • Outline of topics to discuss prior to co-ownership
  • Checklist: What to consider when purchasing a practice
  • How to partner for healthy growth
  • Why our franchise model works

Is your veterinary practice meeting the benchmarks?

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