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“There is no doubt in my mind that Denise Tumblin and her associates can and will help any practice that has willing owners who want to learn and improve. What they do is sharpen your focus on areas of strength, weakness, and opportunity, and perfect your business skills. There is so much to learn from the WTA experience, because they see the internal working mechanisms of more veterinary practices than perhaps anybody else in the country. I consider their services an asset to my practice, and I can honestly say that I have never received a better return on investment.” —Dr. Charles Curie

“Thanks for all your contributions to our successes!” —Dr. Lee Stuart

“We’d like to thank you and your staff, once again, for the exemplary job you did with the valuation. We found you and your staff always professional and fair throughout this entire process, and it was clear from the start that we chose the right people for the job. We really appreciated your calm understanding and expertise. We will most certainly recommend your company to any and all veterinarians seeking the services you offer.” —Dr. Andrew Gordon and Stacey Gordon

“Denise and her staff are dedicated to providing a high quality of service with a personal touch.” —Gerald Prince

“Thank you for all of your assistance in the valuation process for Catawba Animal Clinic. As we have gone through this journey together over the past few months, your expertise, experience, and patience have been very much appreciated. We all understand so much better the value of our practice, and, just as importantly, the factors which influence that value. Again, your professionalism through this experience has been admirable, and we thank you for your assistance.” —Dr. Roger Troutman, Dr. Bert Platt, and Dr. John Mazur

“Denise, thanks! Great session today. I really appreciate your engagement and preparation, and not just showing up with a canned speech. The group really enjoyed it.” —Dr. Greg Edwards

“Many thanks for the copy of Benchmarks 2013. As in the past, it’s an impressive compilation of valuable data, insights, and recommendations that will be extremely useful in writing future articles. Kudos to Cynthia, Denise, and their team.” —Bob Levoy, author of 101 Secrets of a High Performance Veterinary Practice

“The [WellMP] group has been instrumental in reigniting my dreams and goals, and, more importantly, in giving me the tools, process, and inspiration to get back on the path of pursuit. Seeing all of you push beyond the day-to-day grind and strive to be better makes me inspired to do the same. It is this comradery and competition that make our group so unique and valuable.” —Dr. Michael Brennen

“[The Benchmark Study] is a great publication! I show it to my clients and try to sell it each time I can.” —Charlotte LaCroix, DVM, JD

“Just got my copy of Benchmarks…Great job as always, and thanks for all you do for our profession!” —Shawn McVey

“The [WellMP practice group] has been a great experience: fun and helpful, and I encourage you to enjoy it. I believe the value far exceeds the cost. We have made several good decisions and plans to improve the value of our practice based on WMPIII help. Your practice is a huge investment and joining WMPGIII will help you increase its value and enjoy your work more. You make new friends and colleagues and stay on the cutting edge of veterinary practice.” —Dr. Pat Choyce

Thank you very much for hosting an excellent meeting. I feel you succeeded in rekindling a more visionary approach to everyday practice, provided useful financial and planning information, and encouraged a (hopefully only a start of a longer process) platform for idea exchanges between the participants of this group. Great job!” —Dr. Stefan Knep

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